Web 2.0, Web 3.0 or a huge Paradigm shift to a “State of Now”

User driven content is not the only aspect of Web 2.0. It is also changing the way we live. Changing society. Changing business. Changing government. Changing us. Over the next few months my colleague Sonia Riahi and I will be exploring to what depth this is happening and where this may go. What follows are some video’s that illustrate this trend. Your comments are most welcome.

1. Social media and the demise of traditional advertising. “Mad(ison) Avenue Blues” clever lyrics to the music of American Pie, June 3, 2009.

2. The term “The State of Now” coined at the Twitter 140 conference in New York, June 16 – 17th, 2009


One Response

  1. I followed Jeff’s video and thought about it myself too. Sincerely, maybe i’ll be “old-fashioned” but 140 characters aren’t enough for me. Being a “writer” in my deep sensibility of an artist, I loathe having to restrain my thoughts in 140 characters and I think people are getting nowaday allways more superficial and that’s why Twitter has got such a success. People are “curious” and internet giveds them the opportunity to find ways of evasion from real life as in our days might have been pot, or getting drunk. Sex pics: twitter is full of them. But if business is going to change because of this type of communication.. well.. I say: “poor society” !
    Roberto Pino, from Riviera Maya.

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