Web Services…

1. An excellent explanation of web services; benefits and challenges.

1a) Web services increase an organizations agility to respond to demands,

1b) Degree of success is a function of appropriate standards and the willingness to adopt them

1c) The trend has happened and is accelerating.

2. The time is right web services. A business case perspective.

3. Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure video.


Web 3.0 YouTube Videos

1. Tim Berners Lee on the Semantic Web

2. Introduction to the Semantic Web

3. A humorous futuristic view of trying to order a pizza when databases are inappropriately  connected.

Web 2.0 YouTube Videos

1. An animated musical introduction to Web 2.0

2. A more technical introduction to Web 2.0

3. Entertaining list of Web 2.0 applications; from an educator‘s perspective.

4. If I hear  “mashup” or “wiki” to define collaborative web, one more time, I wish I could respond with this Top 100 list.